Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thoughts on the VMAs

as provided by watching the Beyonce and Adele clips on YouTube 24 hours after.

1.  BEYONCE WHAT THE HELL!   You gave me four key changes in exchange for not jostling your fetus and I was completely ok with it.  AND YOU HID YOUR LEGS and wore a terrible sequined jacket.  I still want to be you.  Only not pregnant, now that I think about it, and def not by Jay-Z.  His name sucks.  FINE OK I JUST WISH I WAS SEXY FLY LIKE YOU AND HAD BEEN A MEMBER OF DESTINY'S CHILD!!
2.  Adele killed it.  And she looked classy whilst killin' it.  That's the dream.
3.  Lady Gaga as a dude was HILARIOUS!  At least it wasn't a meat dress.  Every time I watch her I'm more and more convinced that she's completely insane.  Did she fall off the piano?
4.  Katy Perry needs a lobotomy ASAP.  What the hell was her costume supposed to be?  Askew toy building blocks?  If we gave her brain replacement surgery she would probably stop singing songs that romanticize rape, which I would also be more than fine with.

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