Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bordeaux or bust.... or inbetween...

which was not the city's fault, but our poor planning and naive trust in the european rail system.
a train (tgv is the most frequently running and fastest) from paris to bordeaux takes about three hours.  however, due to countless improbabilities against us, julie and i depart two hours later than planned on the slow ass train.  eta is 7:00 and we left at 1:30.  double dangit.  after spending the majority of those hours discovering how our rail passes actually work, we depart and tackle the ticket window attempting to get from bordeaux to madrid (an over night train for monday).  turns out irun is as close as the french can get us.  and it won't be a night train, it'll be in about 15 hours from that moment.  great.
we steal a tram ride and would have been fresh frust, but bordeaux is so beautiful!  it reminds me of rome with narrow windy streets.  despite our heavy backpacks and the fact that our hotel is weeeeeeeird (not like, slasher film, more like why-in-the-hell-is-there-a-mammouth-tin-circle-in-the-fireplace-oh-must-be-the-shower kind of way) we are determined to drink wine, eat food, and see frenchies.  went to place st. pierre and ate a badass dinner and drank the best bottle of sauvignon blanc... ever...?
some guy sends me a rose as i'm working through the business end of a plate of profiteroles and almonds and the waiter delivers a speech that i'm sure should be charming and hilarious, but my french vocabulary does not extend to woo-ing so i stare like a moron with ice cream all over my face.  the guy (his name shall be Hot Rose Sender from Bordeaux) waves and julie is dying and the rest of his party stares at me until we pay for our meal.
i wander over (because social constructs and my friend are bullies) and slur some french to the effect of "we're americans, and i don't speak french, but thanks!" and we peace out to drink wine at a church/movie theatre/bar.  should have stayed and made friends, but i was so embarassed that.. yeah
luckily,i deleted all my pictures from france and broke my purse... hahaha

but bordeaux was cool, even though we were there for 15 hours.

posted from madrid, written on the train to irun

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