Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten Facts About Right Now *in Lisbon*

10.  I look awful.... I have an eye infection and the world's biggest pimple at the same time!!
9.  I hiked a mountain in flat sandals from Target today.  It was like, 560 km UP.  STRAIGHT UP.  So badass
8.  This hostel (Travellers House) is nicer than my home in Arlington
7.  I think the Netherlands are stalking us, I have about six friends that hail from the land of blonde.
6.  Portugese is a weird language, it's like Spanish with a Russian accent with a couple of French words tossed in the mix.  Why did no one take them over (oh wait....) and make them learn a more valuable language?
6. b.  I am not French, but people seem to think saying "yes" and "thank you" and nodding and smiling qualifies so I let them rest easy.
5.  Alfama is the most confusing place in the world.  The only way we don't get lost once we get out the front door is because of the 1755 earth quake.
4.  The food here sucks, except for the pastries (pasteis??) which are heavenly.  Vinho verde is good, but it's just sweet white wine.
4. b.  (i know it doesn't work, but i don't care) I am adventurous with food in Europe.  I ate octopus salad today.  TWO separate bites!  It wasn't bad, just too bouncy for my poor teeth.
3.  I bought a sweater with dorky professor elbow patches today.  So glad I did too, I froze my ass off on the top of the Sintra hills, but man did my torso/arms/elbows stay cozy!  *totally worth it, wait until you see the pictures of us on these insane cliffs*
2.  Everything should always always always be tiled.  Even streets/sidewalks.
2. b.  It is really hard to walk when tipsy here... see above.
1.  I never want to leave here.  It's wonderful!

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