Friday, September 17, 2010

real(ly) madrid?!?!


it's unfair, but we hated madrid.  i wanted to give it a couple of days and see if Lisbon softened the blow, but in fact it did not.  Lisbon is wonderful, and the juxtaposition is only made more and more apparent.

madrid smells like pee, it's hot as hell (at least ten degrees hotter than France), we got lost so many times and every time we got lost people stared at us, and some guy called my face funny.

to be fair, i also met the most beautiful man in the entire world.... his name was Alejandro and he was Brazilian and he sucked on my shoulder and whispered things in my ear that made me laugh in embarassment.  My thing is, I don't want to have some guy drool all over my eyes *one of which is currently infected... in case you were wondering...* and tell me I look beautiful.  What ever happened to people befriending members of the opposite sex?  i already have a hubby plan, thanks, and it does not include someone who used to be a footballer/swimmer (which might be a mistake on my part).

we befriended some dutch people (we make friends with the Dutch where'er we go... maybe it's just that Arians can afford vacation time??) and Julie reeealllyy befriended some.. hahaha.  Basically we watched dogs fight over bones and then went to the Prado, which was surprisingly wonderful.  and we got stuck in the airport for four hours before flying to Lisboa.  pronounced like lish-boa.

portugese is the only bad thing about lisbon.

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  1. "I went all the way to Europe and all I got was this lousy hepatitis!"

    Watch that saliva, Bacon. It'll getcha.