Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paris is Boss because....

1.  asthetics, baby.  absolutely everything is beautiful and absolutely nothing needs to be functional.  women, men, streets, clothes, this keyboard-beautiful.  and yet i cannot find the shift key for the life of me.  who cares if streets go in circles, and women teeter cobblestone streets in towering heels at the end of their fat-free legs?  they look good.  and they know it.

2.  men wear purple unabashedly.
3.  being a student forever just means free/discounted things, not that you're simply too dumb to complete undergrad in three years.
4.  even commonplace words sound beautiful.  english can only boast of "cellar door" whereas even "car" (voiture) sounds ballin'.
5.  mayonnaise.  mayonnaise is not mayo, it is delicious-light, buttery, and divine.  bread has become a vehicle for it.
6.  it's socially encouraged to eat huge sandwiches where'er you go.  sandwiches of glory!
7.  no high fructose corn syrup.  means coke and nutella taste amazing.
8.  nutella
9.  crêpes.
10.  tiny portions means you can taste everything, you don't need to confine your buds.  and even though wine glasses are smaller, they pack more punch.  i got tipsy off of 1 teensy restaurant recommended bordeaux red.

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