Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Packing Dilemmas

I pack late.  I wait til the last possible second and throw every possible combination of outfits into my bag, jump on it a few times to mash everything down, and run off.  This has resulted in 22 years of over-packing and extremely wrinkled Anthropologie dresses.

NO MORE I SAY!  I shall pack in advance.  I leave for the airport Wednesday around 2:00.  This gives me 37 hours.  I'll be at work for like twelve of them so 25 hours.  Plus I really do need to sleep tonight and tomorrow night so let's say 7 hours.  And well, showering and eating and things makes it more like 5.  Okay, 4.

All I really need is my camera and my journal and some face wash.  I'm so nervous I'll look like a dorky American.  And with that backpack on... well, I'm definitely gonna look like a dweeb.  Je wanna be hip, garcon.  I'm already twice the width of the French and twice the height of the Spanish.

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