Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bureaucracy: 3, Ash: Frustrated/Things that are neat

Can't go to the DMV today, need my birth certificate, which is locked up in the bank, and my mommy has to go get it because I'm not on the account. Already tried to sweet talk the bank employee into letting me nick it and almost had him, but his boss came in and ruined my hard work. It didn't seem to matter that it is lawfully my property, and I had the key and the password. Red tape is so cute.

So to recap: I have no license, I am not allowed to get a new one until my mother gets off of work. Did I grow up at all?

How is obtaining a birth certificate, a passport, a social security card, and a utilities bill in my name the same as punching in an arbitrary number into cyber space? Riddle me that, crap state of Virginia.

At least my hair looks good. Too bad no one will see it. Also too bad Ma and Pa cancelled the movie channels, because the library is closed today. I think the universe wants me to sit in a chair and stare until it's dark enough to go to bed.

Number of Minutes Spent Crying in the Mini Van in Overly Dramatic Frustration: 4

This is a divided post because I am pissed about the license debacle, but had intended more positive things. So I'm doing both.


1. Improving my vocabulary. I wanna find word-of-the-day TP. I suppose I could also just buy and ruin an SAT prep book.
2. My high-waisted shorts. They're cool and twilly.
3. Walking places. I picked up some groceries and flowers yesterday and carried them home while listening to the Best of Beverly Sills. Was also fun to watch other people jolt when she got to high notes.
4. My new desk. It's an old sewing machine table with a butcher block on it. My dad bought it for me for $12 at a yard sale, my grandpa sanded it down, and I refinished it. It's beauuuuuutiful.
5. Wearing fancy flats. Heels make it hard for you to make a quick getaway, plus they're stupid. Flat shoes with a spike on them.
6. Kids who behave properly in restaurants. Its a rare but beautiful thing.
6.a. The fact that I frequently screw up in the grammar department when it comes to kids and refer to 'em as "that" instead of "who". Also I will never understand "whom," but it sounds nice and fancy.
7. Still obsessed with Kate, even in her crappy movies she's wonderful.
8. Watching my co-workers yell at each other. It's sort of scary because they're very hyper and far too old to be threatening with fists. Howev, it's pretty great to watch a tiny 60 year old Asian man with jet black hair leap into a 30 year old woman's face shrieking about how he could kick her ass. I'm not sure who'd win. She has tats which means she's either tough or super emotional.

Back to staring at the wall.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Emma
Listening to: of Montreal "How Lester Lost This Wife"
Number of Hours Spent Re-Learning French: 0

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