Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's like Oprah, but you don't get presents.... Things iLike

Katharine Hepburn. I think she's a genius, gorgeous, and why the hell would anyone bother with Audrey? Homegirl is feebleminded, borderline talentless, and definitely not more beautiful than Kate. A is a simpering idiot, Kate has guts. I will watch literally any movie (shout out to public libraries across the nation) she has been in, including her version of Little Women which is as dreadful and preachy as the novel itself. The best so far: Woman of the Year and The Philadelphia Story. The 1940's are back, her outfits are trendy as hell right now. Also she's just a bear of an actress. I want to be her.

House MD. This guy. Not even disappointed with him dating his boss. Love this show. Also fancy myself a bit of a medical expert after this and my previous Grey's Anatomy frenzy. Hugh Laurie sorta looks like my dad.

Running. I don't like the act so much as the endorphins and the trust I can place in losing those always-out-of-reach 10 lbs that need to be banished. I go to the gym in the mid-morning so it's just me and senior citizens. And sometimes my ex-boyfriends, but that's not ideal.

Strawberries. On ice cream. Also ice cream.

SPF 50. My family is going to the Dominican Republic in August, which is a nightmare for Pasty McGee. I will get certified in scuba though, which will be cool. I hope I see a shark.

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