Monday, August 2, 2010

Shark Week Part One

Every time I hear the phrase "Shark Week" I do two things: 1. Get super excited. Toothy predators, what's not to like?!, and 2. Laugh out loud thinking about the "sharking" references on 30 Rock. While I could not be more excited that television is being inundated with prehistoric animals ravaging seals, I figure my shark week starts next week when I go scuba diving in Punta Cana. So rip up that seal, hopefully, I'll get to see one swim past me next week. Preferably from a safe distance, when its belly is full, aand I'm not suffering an injury, nor far from the boat.

Saw the Phillies get spanked by the Nats (and ohhh, did it hurt) from three rows behind the dugout. Cholly could hear me screaming my opinion on Oswalt (that he's crap) and I saw Chase in real-life size. I can't believe I forgot to charge my camera battery. My co-worker was so kind as to call me after Blanton get his butt handed to him on the second night of the series and gloat via voice mail.

RedTapeUpdate: After many an eye roll, I secured my temporary license, and the permanent one is at the mercy of the United States Postal Service. I am pretty excited to see the picture because I wore my best librarian shirt and had an awful hair day.

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