Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lord (USAToday had a weird headline about God polling....what is that...)

This blog blows, and Im really sorry.

Its really hard to say what you want to say when youre being charged like six dollars for fifteen minutes of internet and need to communicate with your mom about how much money you are being gauged by the american bank you cannot call and complain to.

As a result, you get dashed off gut reactions to places that probably didnt do much to deserve it.  Aix really did suck though.  I may go back and finesse... I am a writer that requires time, I like to select the right words... haha Im lying.  But I could stand to structure them more. 


Como is beautiful, but cloudy and a bit chilly.  I found out like three hours ago that Halladay pitched a no hitter and screamed and fist pumped and all that.... two days late...  Poor Julie had to listen to way more baseball babble than she cared to ever know, but now there are two people in the know in Lago di Como!  Wonder if they won last night? 

France tomorrow, and thus ending the outrageous consumption of gelato and pizza.  Fact: my pants are uncomfortably tight.  Luckily Im  moving out of my parents house next week and thus will no longer be able to afford food.

I want TexMex.  And a TV.

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