Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh yeah...

So we were in Barcelona for Merce, which is Barcelonas birthday, which was awesome!  We went to the Picasso museum fo free!, hiked around Parc Guell (no umlaut key in Italy...!!!) and I fell in love with Gaudi, so we went to Sagrada Familia (his church-in-progress) and took some pictures.  Two super important things about Barcelona: I met my soul mate, his name is Sergi, he is 31 and Catalòn, and 2. I danced to Goldfrappe with a few thousand other people for free and it was amazing.  Barcelona is pretty sketchy though, so we were both paranoid about getting our stuff stolen (which it wasnt) and getting harassed (which we did).  Its so so dirty, people piss in the street all the time and everywhere, and its just like, raw and gross.  Also fun, and occasionally really beautiful, but a grey place.

Then we went to Cadaques, which is famous simply for being beautiful and Dali lived there for a bit.  We showed up and it was just... paradise haha.  We had to run, with our backpacks, to the bus station, and got there about two minutes after the bus should have left.  Luckily were in Europe so we got to sit on the bus for another ten before it lumbered out of the station.  Anyway, we had a beautiful room and tv (we watched Casino Royale in German, its still really good) and the most glorious shower!!!!  We just laid in bed and walked around this gorgeous blue and white place.  Its sort of weird and amazing, but pictures dont do that place justice.  The colors are so vibrant its like the camera cant handle it.

Post Cadaques we had another night in Barcelona.... it was not great... and then we rode three trains to get to Aix-en-Provence in France.  Julie and I were both really excited for Aix, but it totally sucked!  It was a teensy French town, just like we wanted, but it was booooooringggg.  Cezanne painted a little near there or something, but it was not easy to get to, well advertised, or particularly interesting.  The only thing to do in Aix was spend money in stores like Cartier and Hermes.  Which we obviously would and could not do.  Julie did buy a pair of brown suede boots, but she also got eaten alive by some sort of bug that we never found.  Homeboy didnt touch me, but she woke up with about 75 bug bites on just one arm.  The weirdest part about that was that we were sharing a bed....  The tv was lame too.  It was horrible.  Also, I finally caved and bought shoes (I wore sandals from Target for the past three full weeks) which I was breaking in in Aix.... horrible.  So we were angry for the entirity of that bit of our little adventure.

Five trains later and we were in Genoa, which we were expecting to hate, but didnt!!  The guy at the hotel thought I was Italian since I knew enough to straighten out the room and ask where we could eat and was overjoyed, but then I let one little oui slip and I was French!!!  Just as exciting!!!!  I protested quickly in English, but he liked me better as a European.  Julie started speaking in Spanish, and then we gave up and ran away to our room.  We ate pizza and fell asleep.  Woke up, bought some fruit, and got on a train to Cinque Terre.

Which is where we are now!!!!   AND WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!  Originally told that the path was closed to four of the five towns (yikes!!) but even the elderly are hiking it, so well tackle that tomorrow.  We have eaten pizza, pesto!!!!!! ravioli!!!!!!!!!!!!! (so so good), and two rounds of gelato already, and Im just so happy to be here!  Our hostel is really nice, and perched on a cliff like everything here, its actually insane how steep everything is!

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