Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Forgot and Things that are New

Barcelona:  I had my picture taken for Mercè 2010 promotion.  Totally weird, but sorta cool.  When the guy asked me if he could take my picture (it was 4 am and I was sitting stubbornly on the street) I questioned him rapidly in English to ensure that he was not going to put it on a website that said Dumb Americans Ruin Festival in Catalòn.  After assuring me it was not, I proceded to sit in the street while he snapped 5 or 6 pictures.  It has just now occured to me that he could be lying... 

Cadaques:  I watched my first game of cricket.  That game is weird.  They dress up like tennis, but its like wussy baseball that actually requires the players to move...

Cinque Terre: Was PHENOMENAL.  One of the best parts of the trip, easily.  My pictures frustrate me because you cant grasp how effin pretty and steep everything was, my little camera was sweating bullets trying.  We hiked the best portions, got blocked out of a few, and met some middle aged Aussies.  Also ate the best pesto in the world and had gelato 14 times in about 30 hours.  There should be shame, but really theres nothing but pride. 

Feeeeeeeerenze:  I dig it!  The city is touristy, but its beautiful and smells like leather.  HOWEVER, the hostel, which is honestly not that bad has some bones to pick.  AND THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS.  We are sharing a room with 7 other asian girls.  And they are ALL pigs!!!  They go to bed at 22:00 and wake up at 6:00.  YES SIX IN THE GODDAMN MORNING.  And they are none too quiet about it, either.  Apparently, if they dont turn on all the lights, smash their belongings on the floor, and shriek in their native tongues they will die.  And they might, because Julie and I might kill them.  Lord knows they dont even do anything, just run to the nearest computer.  I went to bed at 3 because I was reading the first book I got my hands on in a month, but I was silent, and just had my little reading lamp on, and I was roused at 6.  Luckily, there is free breakfast here, and its ballin. 
However, bone numero due is that the one bathroom the 9 of us share has both a toilet and a shower in the same room.  And by shower I mean hose and a drain in the floor.  Which would be tolerable, but there is something wrong with the toilet.  It is FULL of something I did not know humans to be capable of, and smells ungodly. 
We are leaving a day early.  Bologna and Verona on Wednesday, and Venice and Verona on Thursday, followed by a couple days stalking George Clooney at Lago di Como, then back to France on Sunday. 

The best part is that Julie and I still like each other.  And just this morning were planning our next absurd vacation.

I am wearing my glasses and my hair in a knot on top of my head until 14:00 when I will take a siesta.  The outfit is in protest of bitches wakin me up early on vacation, but Julie thinks its in protest of her since I will be with her all day.  I beg to differ.  Also, post-siesta Im hopeful someone will have destroyed the thing in the bathroom and I can shower and return to non-ugly state.

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