Friday, October 8, 2010

Teeth and Venice is Sinking

Europeans have crappy teeth.  Because they smoke, eat pastries, drink coffee, and do not have fluoride in their water, nor whitener in their tooth paste.

Venice is my own personal version of hell, even though its pretty for the first hour.  Aside from running around la Fenice, its pretty boring.  Theres nothing to do but dodge old ladies, stare at very expensive things made of brightly colored glass, and the birds.  OH THE BIRDS!  In hell, pidgeons will surround me and swoop low at my face, threatening to poop in my freshly and rarely washed tresses.  Little bitches.  (We spent the afternoon there yesterday, and it actually wasnt that bad, I had some badass gelato)

Were in Verona though, and Verona is gorgeous.  Its the Italian Bordeaux.  But coated in opera.  Maybe Ill move here.

Our last night in Firenze (see Im Italian now) we saw Traviata.  And it was AMAZING.  Just, such gorgeous singing.  And no offense, but man do I miss listening to real singers... not my friends learning to sing famous arias....  I emailed my voice teach about lessons.

Como today!!!! HIKING AGAIN!!!!  I miss clean clothes

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